1) What is The Art Project?

A platform to show the world how you see the world through Fine Arts(Art&Craf), Photography & Performing Arts(Dancing, Singing, Mimicry, Stand Up Comedy, etc) We encourage people of all age groups to participate and set their artistic side free by celebrating the #SpiritOfCreativity this year.

2) Who can enter?

  • People of all age groups can participate in this contest.
  • Age groups for Fine arts would be
    • 0-9 years
    • 9-16 years
    • 16 years & above
  • Age group for Visual arts would be
    • 16 Years & above.
  • Age group of Performing arts would be
    • 0-9 years
    • 9-16 years
    • 16 years & above
  • For more details visit the contest details page

3) How do I enter?

1. Register here & upload your artwork/image
2. Visit How to participate for more information

4) What can I submit?

Please respect copyright laws and upload original artwork only!

5) Does it cost anything to enter?

No, signing up and submitting artwork is free.

6) What are the file size requirements?

Under the Fine Arts & Visual Arts Category

All artwork/ Photograph must be submitted in digital format as a .jpg or .png file only (Max 5MB per image).

Under the Performing Category

All performances must be submitted in video format as a .MP4 file only and size cannot exceed 120 Mega Byte (MB). Video shouldn’t be more than 30 seconds

7) What is the judging criteria?

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and originality
  • Quality and execution
  • Most popular artwork on social media (for popular choice award)

8) What is the artwork submission deadline?

All entries should be submitted before 23:59 IST on the 22nd August 2021.

9) When are the winners selected?

The winners are scheduled to be announced soon

10) How will the winner be contacted?

  • The winners will be notified by email/call using the email address/phone number that you provided when creating your account.
  • In case of children, this email address is most likely that of the individual that submitted the artwork or on behalf of a minor artist.
  • If you provide an incorrect email address, we will not be able to contact you and thus the participant will not know they have won and will not receive their prize.